"I Can Read" Debating Championships 2010

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The "I Can Read" Debating Championship is a Primary School debate competition co-organized by Total Literacy International and Debate Association (Singapore).

The competition uses a scaled down version of the format used at the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships (SSDC). The purpose of the competition is to give the opportunity and exposure for primary school students, to discover new ways of learning through debate. It will also be a platform for these young learners to acquire critical skills in communication and public speaking. The competition will witness participating teams from the learning centers of Total Literacy International battle their way through till a champion emerges. The first preliminary round was held on 18 September at Nanyang Girls' High. The teams will meet again on 30 October at 6.45pm for the second preliminary round at St. Joseph's Institution.

If you are interested in watching the next generation of Singaporean debaters make their first foray into the dynamic and competitive world of debating, do feel free to swing by! The venues, dates and times of the subsequent rounds will be made available on our website once they have been confirmed.

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