SP Debate Open 2011

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We bring you an invitation from the Singapore Polytechnic Debating Society to the inaugural SP Debate Open 2011:

The Singapore Polytechnic Debating Society cordially invites you and your team of debaters to the inaugural SP Debate Open 2011(SPDO '11). Happening over the weekend of 11th & 12th June, SPDO '11 is the first of its kind with teams spanning from secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and ITEs. Competing over 4 preliminary rounds before the break to quarter-finals (secondary schools will have a separate break to semis), teams will debate in the three-on-three Asian Parliamentary format. Motions for the 4 preliminary rounds will be released two days before the actual day, while motions for the break rounds will be released an hour before the start of the round.

Why should your institution participate? With the finest adjudication in the local debating scene and the promise of the tournament running on time, your teams can concentrate on doing their best. Bask in the company of other equally passionate debaters and pick up a nifty debating trick or two. We assure you an intellectually stimulating experience here in SP.


8am - Registration Opens
8.30am - Registration Closes, Debater/Adj Briefing Starts
9am - Round 1
11am - Round 2
12.30pm - Lunch
2pm - Round 3
4pm - Round 4
6pm - Break Announcements

8.30am - Roll Call
9am - Main Break Quarterfinals/ Sec Sch Semi Finals Motion Release
10am - Main Break Quarterfinals/ Sec Sch Semi Finals
11.30am - Lunch
12.30pm - Main Break Semifinal/ Sec Sch Grand Final Motion Release
1.30pm - Main Break Semifinal/ Sec Sch Grand Final
3pm - Main Break Grand Final Motion Release
4pm - Main Break Grand Final
5.30pm - End of Main Break Grand Finals
6.00pm - Start of Prize Presentation Ceremony
6.30pm - END

Tournament Cap: 48 institutional teams
Adj-per-institution: n-1

Registration Fee: $12

Enquiries? Drop us an email at or post your questions on our Facebook event page.

Register today at this link. We hope to see you this June!

Best Regards,

Organising Committee
Singapore Polytechnic Debate Open 2011