ValidITES Post-Secondary Debate Tournament

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Earlier this week, ITE College Central, with the support of Debate Association (Singapore), organised the 3rd ValidITE Post-Secondary Debate Tournament.

An Asians-format competition, ValidITE brought together 24 teams from junior colleges, polytechnics and ITEs across Singapore. The theme of this year's tournament was "Self, Society, Industry".

After 3 days of debating held over 13th, 14th and 18th of July, Hwa Chong Institution emerged champions after defeating NUS High 5 - 0.

The other results are as follows:

Breaking Teams:

1st Hwa Chong Institution A (4 wins)
2nd Temasek Polytechnic (4 wins)
3rd NUS High School B (4 wins)
4th Tampines Junior College C (3 wins)

Semi-finals Results:

(Gov) HCI A defeated (Opp) TPJC C 2-1.
(Gov) NUS High B defeated (Opp) TP 3-0.

Grand Finals Results:

(Opp) HCI A defeated (Gov) NUS High B 5-0.

Best ITE Team: ITE College Central B

Best ITE Speaker: Aishah Parveen, ITE CC B

Best Speaker of Grand Finals: Elvis Zhang (3rd Opp)


Speaker Rankings:

20th Annette Yeo, ACJC A
19th Celine Leong, DDI Flood
18th Seah Ying Ying, HCI B
17th Jessica Nagulendran, ACJC B
16th Samuel Augustine, ACJC A
15th Teo En Qi, DHS
14th Kwek Jia Qi, HCI A
13th Lai Shueh Chien, ACJC B
12th Yazhini Elango, CJC B
11th Divyesh Daswani, TP
10th Aloysius Chan, ACJC A
9th Benson Lim, TJC A
8th Goh Han Yang, DDI Flood
7th Muhammad Farhansyah, TPJC C
6th Lim Jun Ping, TPJC C
5th Gideon Lee, NUS High B
4th Sarah Tay, VJC
3rd Subramaniam s/o Narayanan, TPJC C
2nd Xaviera Ang, TJC B
1st Elvis Zhang, HCI A

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