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Wits and Words

Together with the Ministry Of Education, Debate Association (Singapore) jointly organises Wits and Words - the national primary school debating championships. For those looking for more information on the rules, format and advice on coach hiring for Wits and Words:

To further facilitate primary school debate training, please also find below some past-year motions of Wits and Words.


Wits & Words

Past-Year Motions



Round 1

THBT Character and Citizenship (CCE) classes are the best way to inculcate values in the youth.


Round 2

This house believes that school prefects should be elected rather than appointed.


Round 3

This house believes that Co-Curricular Activities should be organised in school clusters instead of individual schools.


Quarter Finals

THW prohibit Singaporeans from gambling at the local integrated resorts.


Semi Finals

THBT Singapore's bilingual policy does more good than harm.


3rd-4th Placing

THW ban advertisements targeted at children.


Div 2 Finals

THB that the tuition culture in Singapore does more harm than good.


Div 1 Finals

TH believes that the interconnectedness of social media has made the world a better place.




Round 1:

This House Would Do Away With School Uniforms.

Round 2:

This House Believes That Participation In CCAs Should Be Compulsory In Primary School

Round 3:

This House Would Allow Students To Have A Say In Punishments Meted Out To School Bullies

Quarter Finals:

This House Believes That Children Should Not Be Allocated To Classes Based On Their Grades

Semi Finals: 

This House Believes That Countries Should Not Groom Children To Compete in International Sporting Events 

3rd-4th Placing: 

THW Not Allow Homeschooling 

Div 2 Finals: 

THBT Parents Should Not Monitor their Children’s Online Interactions 

Div 1 Finals: 

THBT Movies Rated PG Still Have Too Much Violence




Preliminary Round 1

THBT parents should not allow their children access to smart phones 

Preliminary Round 2

TH Regrets that Physical Education is Compulsory

Preliminary Round 3

THBT Corporal punishment should not be mandatory for the crime of vandalism

Quarter Finals

THBT national sportsmen should be granted exemption from National Service

Semi Finals

THBT Parents Should be Allowed to Refuse Immunisations for their Children

3rd/4th Placing Round

THBT inculcating values should be the primary focus of schools

Grand Finals (Div I)

THBT Our Schools Are Failing to Inspire our Children

Grand Finals (Div II)

This House Will Make Parents Responsible For The Crimes Of Their Children



Preliminary Round 1 

This house believes that parents should not use rewards to get their children to study

Preliminary Round 2

This house believes that zoos should be banned

Preliminary Round 3 

THW ban teachers from interacting with students via social networking sites.


THW Ban Advertisements which target Children.


THBT parents should not allow their children to become professional child performers.

3rd/4th Placings Debate

This house supports compulsory national service for both males and females.


This house supports mandatory organ donation after death.


Preliminary Round 1 

THW scrap the compulsory CCA system. 

Preliminary Round 2

THBT e-learning is the way to go.

Preliminary Round 3 

THBT video gaming should be considered a sport.


This House Believes That We Should Allow Schools The Discretion To Use Corporal Punishment.


This House Believes In Compulsory Religious Studies Classes.

3rd/4th Placings Debate

This House Would Disallow Students From Carrying Their Handphones To Class


This House Supports the Singapore Streaming System.


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