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June Camp 2013

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Camp Ignis and Camp Excelsior took place from 10 - 11 June 2013 and 12 - 13 June 2013 respectively at Methodist Girls' School (Primary).

The camp saw a total of nearly 90 students from 13 different schools in attendance and these budding debaters had the opportunity to learn, debate and grow amongst like-minded peers.

Camp Ignis was an induction camp targeted at those uninitiated to debate or those with foundational knowledge. Whereas Camp Excelsior was a more advanced camp that targeted more seasoned debaters.

The campers had a fruitful time of fellowship and learning over an exchange of witty banter, laughs and fun activities that were designed to help them become more eloquent, confident and effective speakers. 

A special thanks to Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) for generously hosting the camp for the 4 days and to all facilitators and individuals who helped make the camp a success!!


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