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DA(S) ExCo 2019-2021

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Debate Association (Singapore) held its Annual General Meeting on 27 July 2019, where several new executive committee members were elected into office. Additionally, 2 Directors were appointed too. The updated DA(S) Executive Committee for 2019-2021 is as follows:
President: Joel Law
Vice President: David Boo Koh
Secretary: Cavan Tay
Treasurer: Nathalie Quah
Director (Competitions and Training): Ryan Lim
Director (Competitions and Training): Deon Kiew
The following were also appointed by the Executive Committee:
Director (Special Projects): Cherylyn Wee
Director (Equity): Vihasini Gopakumar
Director (Adjudication Management): Kieran Lee

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