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Hi everyone!

We hope you are all staying safe at home in these uncertain times. In light of COVID-19, and the cancellation of all in-person tournaments, Debate Association (Singapore) understands that some of the younger members of our community are starting to participate in online tournaments. While it is very heartening to see our younger debaters persevere and continue their passions in debating, Debate Association (Singapore) would like to remind students to practice good cyber-wellness habits while engaging in these online tournaments.

Please take note of the following recommended guidelines:

1) Unless explicitly required for tournament participation, refrain from providing your phone number, email address or social media account information to anyone. This includes other judges, debaters or members of the organizing committee that you meet during the process of the tournament.

2) Be careful of what you post online, both in and out of the tournament pages – Remember that what you post is not private and can be viewed by everyone else. All tournament equity rules that expect you to be respectful, kind and fair to all other participants still apply. Protect yourself, but also help protect everyone else at the tournament as well.

3) If someone harasses or bullies you, please approach the equity committee of the tournament that you're participating in for assistance. Alternatively, please email and we will assist you as much as we can. All information provided to us at that email address will be kept private and confidential.

If you are a coach/teacher/parent/guardian reading this, we would highly recommend that you ensure that your student/child is aware of the good cyber-wellness habits that they should adopt. Let's continue to make debating a safe space for everyone, especially our younger ones!

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