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Who We Are

We aim to foster a culture of debate and critical discourse, through the provision of quality competitions and training which reach out to all.

We are a non-profit volunteer-run organisation that aims to develop, nurture and promote structured debate in Singapore. Our vision is for all students to have the opportunity to benefit from structured debate.

We believe that structured debate imparts valuable life skills such as the ability to think clearly under pressure, speak with confidence and analyse complex arguments. It also opens the mind to different points of views, and fosters a critical understanding of current affairs, both necessary qualities to meaningfully understand the world around us.

To that end, since our inception in 1999, we have helped organise competitions, and run training programs & camps at the Primary, Secondary and Pre-Tertiary level. We also work with partners from all industries who are keen to promote / use structured debate as a platform for discussing ideas in Singapore.

Some of our projects include running our annual June and December debate camps, the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships and Wits & Words, the national primary school debating competition. We have also worked with MediaCorp on various televised debate series, including Bridging Asia Season II: The Singapore Debates, and The Arena (Season 1).

Contact Info

Debate Association (Singapore)