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Dear Adjudicators,

I hope this letter finds you well! I


DA(S) June Holiday Camp for Primary Schoolers

Debate Association (Singapore) is pleased to announce that we will be organizing a Holiday Debate Camp during the upcoming June school vacation. The Camp will take place on 07th and 08th June 2012. This is a non-residential camp that will run from 8.30am


W&W 2012 Preliminary Round 3

Preliminary rounds 1 and 2 of Wits & Words 2012 were held at RGS on 16 march 2012. 60 primary school debate teams debated the motions "This House will ban all fast food advertisements" and "This House will make CCAs compulsory in Singapore."

A big thanks to all the adjudicators and volunteers who tirelessly helped out the entire day! Here are some pictures from the rounds.

[gallery link="file"]

Preliminary round 3 will be held on 31 March 2012 at RGS. Do drop an email to if you're free to adjudicate the round.


Wits & Words 2012

In the months to come, 60 primary school teams will face off at the annual inter-school debate championship, Wits & Words.

Wits & Words 2012 is a national primary school debate competition co-organized by Gifted Education Branch (Ministry of Education), Debate Association (Singapore) and Raffles Girls' School. The competition this year will have teams debate each other on topics ranging from removing Physical Education in schools, to whether or not fairy tales do more harm than good.

Debate Association (Singapore) conducted the Wits & Words 2012 adjudication workshop and teachers briefing over the past month at Raffles Girl's School and Bishan Public Library. Students and teachers from secondary and primary schools all across Singapore attended the workshops in preparation for the upcoming tournament.

The preliminary rounds will be held on 16 and 31 March, the quarter-finals on 13 April, semi-finals on 25 April and Grand Final and the 3rd and 4th placing round on 30 May 2012. Do drop us an email at if you can join us as an adjudicator, or even drop by as a spectator.


SRC IHL Results

The grand final for the Singapore Red Cross International Humanitarian Law debate series was held on 18 February at Jurong Junior College.

Hwa Chong Institution (Prop) went up against Anglo Chinese Junior College (Opp) and debated the motion "THW abolish truth and reconciliation committees in favour of criminal prosecution."

Anglo Chinese Junior College beat Hwa Chong Institution unanimously. Congratulations to Anglo Chinese Junior College! The grand finalists win a 3D2N trip to Hong Kong sponsored by Singapore Red Cross. We hope you enjoy the trip!

Debate Association (Singapore) would like to thank all participating teams, Singapore Red Cross and Jurong Junior College, for making the tournament a success.


The SRC IHL debate series is a tournament co-organized by the Singapore Red Cross and Debate Association (Singapore), and focuses on key debate topics within international humanitarian law, including the protocols and institutions that protect it.

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