RDA Workshops by Simon Quinn

The Raffles Debate Academy (RDA) has invited Mr Simon Quinn, a highly distinguished speaker and an influential and senior member of the international debate community, to conduct a series of workshops on debating and adjudication in the second week of January 2012.

The details of the workshops can be found in the attached form. We look forward to seeing you there!


Our New Look- DA(S) Website Refurbished

We've redone our website to give you a cleaner experience in accessing important resources and updates.

You can now post requests seeking for a coach and friendlies with our new submission page. Do also check out other new segments like the "Competitions and Projects" page under "About Us" to view all DA(S) programmes at a glance, as well as the new "Executive Committee" page.

We will still be making minor changes within the new few weeks to further improve your experience on the website.


Talent Development Institute Workshop on Introduction to Debate

From Monday 14th November 2011 until Thursday 17th November, Debate Association (Singapore) partnered the Ministry of Education's Gifted Education Branch, to run a four day workshop for Primary 4 and 5 students at Raffles Institution.

This is the second year that DA(S) has run a debating workshop for the Talent Development Institute, after a very well received program in 2010. This year, 31 students elected to take our course on an Introduction to Debate. Over the four days, they covered what a debate is, how to make arguments and rebuttals, how to present them effectively, and how to build cases. The workshop culminated with students debating one another on the motion "THBT computers have made teachers unnecessary."

We would like to express our thanks to GEB for providing a platform for us to help train young debaters. We would also like to acknowledge the time given by our volunteers, without whom we would not be able to run such a fruitful event.[gallery link="file"]


"I Can Read" Debating Championship Results

The "I Can Read" Debating Championship culminated with the 3rd and 4th Placing and and Grand Final rounds held at Braddell Heights CC on 13 November 2011. Here are the results:

Kings Arcade



Yishun[gallery link="file"]

Congratulations to the winning teams!


ICR Debating Championship Grand Final

After 3 grueling preliminary rounds and the semi final rounds, the following teams will battle it out this Sunday to be crowned winners of the ICR Debating Championship 2011:

Kings Arcade vs Whitesands

The round will be held at Braddell Heights CC at 7.30pm on 13 Nov (Sun). Do drop by to catch the debate, or email if you are keen to adjudicate the round.

Co-organized by Total Literacy International and Debate Association (Singapore), the


Edgefield Secondary School: Introduction to Debates Workshop

Debate Association (Singapore) conducted a workshop introducing debate to students at Edgefield Secondary School in late October 2011.

Debate is the art of argument which trains individuals to become more expressive and articulate, while developing a keen sense of logic. It is thus one of the most useful skills a student can and should develop. As such, this introductory session aimed to expose students to, and foster their interest in basic debating skills.

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