ICR Debating Championship Prelim Round 2

The second preliminary round of the "I Can Read" Debating Championship will be held this Saturday, 24 September, at ?Bishan Community Club, from 7.30-9.30pm. Do drop by to check out the action!

Co-organized by Total Literacy International and Debate Association (Singapore), the


I Can Read National Debate Championship 2011

Total Literacy International and Debate Association (Singapore) will once again be organizing the "I Can Read" Debating Championship. The tournament was launched in 2010 and was a big success.

The championship is a Primary School debate competition which uses the Wits & Words debate format, which is a scaled down version of the format used at the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships (SSDC).

The purpose of the competition is to give the opportunity and exposure for primary school students, to discover new ways of learning through debate. It will also be a platform for these young learners to acquire critical skills in communication and public speaking. The competition will witness participating teams from the learning centers of Total Literacy International battle their way through till a champion emerges.

The competition schedule is as follows:
28 August: Preliminary Round 1
24 September: Preliminary Round 2
15 October: Preliminary Round 3
29 October: Preliminary Round 4
5 November: Semi-Finals
12 November: Grand Final & 3rd & 4th placing

If you are interested in watching the next generation of Singaporean debaters make their first foray into the dynamic and competitive world of debating, do feel free to swing by! Preliminary Round 1 will be held this Sunday at Bishan Community Club at 7.30pm. The venues, dates and times of the subsequent rounds will be made available on our website once they have been confirmed.


Singapore are World Champions!

Singapore have won the World Schools Debating Championships 2011 in Dundee after defeating Australia in a 7-2 decision in the Grand Final.

They dominated the individual speaker tab too. Team captain Teoh Ren Jie was ranked the Best Speaker of the Tournament. Benjamin Mak was ranked the no. 2 individual speaker, and Ashish Kumar was ranked the no. 4 speaker. (Australia's Tyrone Connell was ranked 3rd, and England's Matthew Handley 5th.) It was quite a performance from a team which ranked only 15th in the preliminary rounds with 5 wins out of 8, but which won those 5 debates sufficiently impressively to propelled their speakers to 3 of the top 4 positions on the speaker tab. In the octo-finals, they edged past New Zealand in a 3-2 split decision. And after that they really hit their stride with a series of very impressive performances to beat Canada 5-0 in the quarter-finals, Ireland 5-2 in the semi-finals, Australia 7-2 in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to the team: Teoh Ren Jie (Captain), Adil Hakeem, Ashish Kumar, Benjamin Mak Jia Ming, and Ng Li Ki. And congratulations also to the coach: Geetha Creffield!

So, 16 years after first entering the World Schools Debating Championships in 1995, Singapore has become the first Asian nation to win the championship. This is indeed a very proud moment for Singapore debating.

[Extracted from an email from Mark Gabriel]


Debate Association (Singapore) Annual General Meeting

Dear members of Debate Association (Singapore),

The Debate Association (Singapore) will be holding its Annual General
Meeting on Sunday, 24th July 2011 at 2pm. Members of DA(S) are invited to attend this meeting.

The AGM will vote on the candidates to replace the retiring executive
committee members, and discuss our plans for the coming year. Only
registered adult members (over the age of 18) will be allowed to vote.

The AGM will be held at:

The Clubhouse (Function Room)
10 Braddell Hill
Singapore 579719

Please email with your DA(S) membership number
and name if you would like to attend the AGM. Due to space restrictions at the meeting venue, we would appreciate if you could inform us by 20th July 2011 if you will be attending this AGM, so that we can plan accordingly. Nil replies are not required.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Singapore International Affairs Debates (SIAD)

A message from the organiser of Singapore International Affairs Debates:

The NUS Political Science Alumni and NUS Mooting and Debating Club is proud to present the inaugural Singapore International Affairs Debates (SIAD). The SIAD aims to promote awareness of international affairs amongst pre-university students by providing a platform where contemporary international issues can be debated. The SIAD introduces an exciting and innovative debating format that challenges debaters to think on their feet. The debate will mimic the legal process in courts by replacing points of information from the opposing team with points of clarification asked by judges. Judges may ask questions at any time and debaters will not have the option of declining to answer the questions posed to them. We believe that this format will require debaters to have a strong grasp of the matter at hand and we hope that it would make for a challenging and fulfilling debate.

More information and registration details can be found at Queries can be sent to Ms Shashikalah Krishnan at

We look forward to your participation and success at the SIAD!


Singapore Polytechnic Debate Open 2011

A message from the organisers of the Singapore Polytechnic Debate Open 2011:

Good day everyone,

After a long gruelling two days, debating in 4 preliminary rounds and three break rounds, we

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