DA(S) June Camps 2013 - Camp Ignis & Camp Excelsior

Debate Association (Singapore) is pleased to announce that we will be organising two holiday debate camps this coming June!

The first camp, Camp Ignis, is open to all students keen on learning the basics of debate. The second camp, Camp Excelsior will be for debaters who have prior debate and competition experience and are seeking to hone their skills further. Both camps will be held at Methodist Girls' School, located at 11 Blackmore Drive S(599986).

The camps are targeted at students aged 10


Dunman High School Debate Invitational 2013 Results

Here's the results of the Dunman High School Debate Invitational 2013.

Top 10 Novice Speakers:
10) Jack Gan, Pioneer Junior College
9) Colin Tan, Catholic Junior College Team A
8) Sung Yu Xin, Dunman High School Team A
7) Damon Tan, Hwa Chong Institution
6) Yvonne Lopez, Pioneer Junior College
5) Navya Sinha, Meridian Junior College
4) Tyne Lam, Dunman High School Team A
3) Lin Ziyi, Catholic Junior College Team B
2) Arjun Malik, Singapore American School
1) Lim Jun Ping, Tampines Junior College

Top 10 Open Speakers (including the Novice Speakers):
20) Rachel Chia, Temasek Junior College
19) Tyne Lam, Dunman High School Team A
18) Sherilyn Chew, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
17) Lin Ziyi, Catholic Junior College Team B
16) Arjun Malik, Singapore American School
15) Annette Yeo, Anglo-Chinese Junior College
14) Lim Jun Ping, Tampines Junior College
13) Subramaniam s/o Narayanan, Tampines Junior College
12) Joshua Heng, Debate Development Initiative
11) Denise Yong, Victoria Junior College
10) Benson Lim, Temasek Junior College
9) Lai Shueh Chien, Anglo-Chinese Junior College
8) Leonard Yip, Victoria Junior College
7) Sarah Tay, Debate Development Initiative
6) Sheldon Lim, Victoria Junior College
5) Jonathan Poh, Temasek Junior College
4) Samuel Wittberger, Anglo-Chinese Junior College
3) Wee Yenjean, Raffles Institution
2) Seah Ying Ying, Debate Development Initiative
1) Lee Chin Wee, Raffles Institution

- Hwa Chong Institution (Angela Lin, Damon Tan, Dorothy So, See Wern Hao, Takashima Kenji) - lost to RI 5-0.
- Victoria Junior College (Denise Yong, Leonard Yip, Ow Ying Chang, Sheldon Lim, Ynez Tan) - lost to TJC 5-0.

- Temasek Junior College (Benson Lim, Clifford Chew, Jonathan Poh, Leong Hui Ling, Rachel Chia)

- Raffles Institution (Lee Chin Wee, Samuel Teo, Tan Kuan Hian, Wee Yenjean, Yang Yixuan) - defeated TJC 9-0

Best Speaker of the Grand Finals: 1st Prop, Lee Chin Wee (RI)


Wits & Words 2013 Quarter-Finals Results

We are pleased to announce the top 4 teams who have qualified to debate in the semi-finals of Wits & Words 2013:

All teams listed secured 3 wins and are ranked in alphabetical order.


Congratulations to the victors who will meet on 3 May 2013 at The Central Public Library to debate the semi-final motion:

This House Believes In Compulsory Religious Classes.


Wits & Words 2013 is a national primary school debate competition co-organized by Gifted Education Branch (Ministry of Education), Debate Association (Singapore) and Raffles Girls


NUS Policy Studies Seminar Debate Series 2013

Debate Association (Singapore) supported NUS Political Association to run the NUS Policy Studies Seminar Debate Series (PSSD) on 6 and 17 April 2013 at the NUS University Town Plaza.

The NUS PSSD is an annual policy-focused debate tournament, designed to promote critical thinking among junior-college level students with regards to national policy issues. This year, teams debated on motions based on the theme "Our Education - Is Change Needed?" The tournament was graced by Senior Minister of State, Ms. Indranee Raja and REACH President, Dr. Amy Khor.

Here are the results from the tournament:

Winner: Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
1st runner up: Hwa Chong Institution
2nd runner up: Dunman High School
3rd runner up: Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Best Speaker of the Tournament: Woo Jek Jin


Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships Results for Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDC) was held last Friday, 19 April, at Raffles Institution.

Teams debated the following motions:

6.00 p.m. debates -
This House would abolish the death penalty

7.30 p.m. debates -
This House would impose a worldwide ban on the opening of any new zoos


Here are the winning teams and best speakers for all three divisions:

Semi-Finals Results


The Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDC) is a national secondary school debate competition, co-organised by Debate Association (Singapore) and Julia Gabriel Center.


Debate Development Initiative in The International Public Policy Forum

The Debate Development Initiative (DDI) recently took part in The International Public Policy Forum (IPPF) and was invited to New York to debate in the tournaments break rounds.

DDI performed very well and beat teams from all around the world to rank 3rd place. Congratulations to the team!

The IPPF was founded in 2001 by the law firm Bickel and Brewer and gives high school students around the globe the chance to debate on issues of Public Policy.

Here are some photos from their trip to New York!

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Debate Development Initiative (DDI), is a DA(S) training programme open to upper secondary school students (as of 2012) with at least moderate debating experience and a passion for debate. Priority will be accorded to students from schools which do not have extensive debate resources / strong alumni support. Students from Division II and Division III secondary schools are hence strongly encouraged to apply.

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