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MOF Inter-School Budget Debate Challenge 2010

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The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has, for the second time, run the Inter-School Budget Debate Challenge. Through the competitions, MOF hopes to promote greater student awareness of the Budget and public financing issues. MOF looks forward to invigorating debates and participation from debaters as well as quiz contestants.

The preliminary rounds for Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges were held on the 27th and 28th of January respectively. The videos for the debates are available at Razor TV - watch them to see how the teams did!
Razor TV Video: MOF Inter-school Budget Debate Prelims (Sec Sch)- 27 Jan 2010

Razor TV Video: MOF Inter-school Budget Debate Prelims (Pre-U)- 28 Jan 2010

The results are as follows: (winning teams are in listed in bold)


THBT cash handouts should not be given to the unemployed

Prop 1 - ACS (Independent) - MOF
Opp 1 - Nanyang Girls High - Unemployed/Retrenched Workers
Prop 2 - Commonwealth Sec Sch - Tax Payers
Opp 2 - St Hilda's Secondary Sch - Social Welfare Groups

This House will increase GST to lower corporate income tax

Prop 1 - Raffles Girls Secondary School - MOF
Opp 1 - Hwa Chong Institution - Consumers
Prop 2 - Outram Sec Sch - Companies
Opp 2 - Bedok South Secondary Sch - Retailers

This House will continue to bring in more foreign workers to grow the economy

Prop 1 - CHIJ (Katong Convent) - MOF
Opp 1 - St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School - Local Job Seekers
Prop 2 - Anglican High Sch - Employers
Opp 2 - Raffles Institution - General Public

This House will regulate executive compensation in the banking industry

Prop 1 - Methodist Girls School - MOF
Opp 1 - Temasek Secondary School - Senior Executives in the Banking Industry
Prop 2 - Bukit Panjang Govt High Sch - General Public
Opp 2 - Dunman High Sch - Free Market Economists


This House will impose a carbon tax

Prop 1 - Hwa Chong Institution - MOF
Opp 1 - Anderson Junior College - Companies with high carbon emissions
Prop 2 - Meridian Junior College - Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR)/Environmental Groups
Opp 2 - Yishun Junior College - Consumers that need to bear higher costs resulting from the carbon tax

This House believes in providing Official Development Assistance (ODA) in return for economic gains

Prop 1 - Victoria Junior College - MOF
Opp 1 - River Valley High School - Tax Payers
Prop 2 - Tampines Junior College - Companies
Opp 2 - SJI International - Voluntary Welfare Organizations/NGOs

This House will increase CPF contribution rates to better help Singaporeans build up their retirement savings

Prop 1 - Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) - MOF
Opp 1 - Temasek Junior College - Employers
Prop 2 - St Andrew's Junior College - MCYS
Opp 2 - Pioneer Junior College - Employees

This House will increase spending on global events like the F1

Prop 1 - Raffles Instituition (Junior College) - MTI
Opp 1 - Anglo-Chinese Junior College - Tax payers/General Public
Prop 2 - Dunman High School - Tourism Industry
Opp 2 - National Debate Team - MOF (non-breaking)