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Ministry of Education – Anglo-Chinese Junior College Intercollegiate Debates 2013 – RESULTS

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On the 7th and 8th of June 2013, the Ministry of Education in partnership with Anglo-Chinese Junior College organised the annual Intercollegiate Debates 2013.

The MOE-ACJC Intercollegiates is the National Championships for post-secondary educational institutes throughout Singapore, and this installment saw extremely high levels of competitive debating onmotions around the theme “Government and Society”.

The competitions saw Anglo-Chinese Junior College beating Temasek Junior College to emerge as the champion team. 

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The full results are as follows:

Quarter-Finalist Teams:
- Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
- Hwa Chong Institution
- Singapore American School
- United World College of Southeast Asia

Semi-Finalist Teams:
- Raffles Institution
- Tampines Junior College

1st-Runners-Up Team:
- Temasek Junior College

Champion Team (winning the Grand Finals on a 3-0 unanimous decision):
- Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Especial mention must also go to the WSDC Team Singapore (Junior) Swing Team, that despite not being able to qualify for the elimination rounds, won all 3 of their preliminary matches.

Best Speaker of Grand Finals: Samuel Augustine Wittberger (3rd Prop, ACJC)

Top Speakers of the Tournament:

20) Ng Jia Win – River Valley High School
19) Sadhana Bala – Singapore American School
18) Jonathan Poh – Temasek Junior College
17) Geraldine Tan – Yishun Junior College
16) Tamasin Tan – Anglo-Chinese Junior College
15) Isaac Tan – River Valley High School
14) Angelyn Teo – Dunman High School
13) Prayuj Pushkarna – Singapore American School
12) Tyne Lam – Dunman High School
11) Nar Sher May – Saint Andrew’s Junior College
10) Keisha Ong – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
9) Ishaan Srivastava – United World College of South East Asia
8) Sung Yu Xin – Dunman High School
7) Rabin Kok – Anglo-Chinese Junior College
6) Lee Chin Wee – Raffles Institution
5) Samuel Augustine Wittberger – Anglo-Chinese Junior College
4) Wee Yenjean – Raffles Institution
3) Etsuko Lim – Hwa Chong Institution
2) Tan Kuan Hian – Raffles Institution
1) Nathalie Koh – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

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