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Singapore British Parliamentary Debate Championships 2013 Results

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NUS Debate Club, with the support of Debate Assocation (Singapore), organised the Singapore British Parliamentary Debate Championships (SBPDC) 2013. Sponsored by Google Singapore, the theme of the tournament was "Internet Policy and Digital Literacy".

The largest British Parliamentary format competition in Singapore, the SBPDC brought together 80 teams from various schools, junior colleges and polytechnics from here and abroad.

After 2 days of debating held over the 17th and 18th of August, Nanyang Girls' High School B emerged Champions of the Junior Break[1] while Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College) A emerged Champions of the Senior Break[2].

[1] The Junior Break was for teams wholly comprised of students Grade 10  (or equivalent) and below

[2] The Senior Break was for teams with at least one Grade 11 (or equivalent) student

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Junior Grand Finals Best Speaker:

Alicia Lim, NYGH B

Junior Grand Final Results:

4th: HCI B
3rd: HCI C
2nd: HCI A
1st: NYGH B

Senior Grand Finals Best Speaker:

Kwek Jia Qi, HCJC A

Senior Grand Final Results:

4th: SAJC A
3rd: HCJC B
2nd: TJC A
1st: HCJC A

Top 20 Junior Speakers:

20th Au Wei Hoe, HCI E
=17th David Boo Koh, HCI D
=17th Mark Hangchi, SJII A
=17th Yin-Ing Low, SJII A
16th Caleb Cheng, Gong Jiao A
=13th Goh Han Yang, Gong Jiao A
=13th Alicia Lim, NYGH B
=13th Chua Fang En, NYGH D
12th Ong Juin Khai, HCI D
11th Goh Su Ning, NYGH A
10th Evan Wong, SMK DJ A
9th Nicole Ann-Lim, NYGH C
8th Bryan Yan, HCI A
7th Timothy Ethan Lee, HCI A
6th Charmaine Chua, NYGH B
5th Allison Wu, NYGH C
4th Kok Jun Yi, HIC C
3rd Song Mingwei, HCI C
2nd Gabriel Tan, HCI B
1st Alex Cheong, HCI B

Note: 2 non-breaking junior speakers also did well. However, they were not formally ranked as they are non-breaking speakers.

=17) Choi Won Joon Richard, DDI CL
=7) Lin Mingxuan, DDI CL

Top 20 Senior Speakers:

20th Jessica Nagulendran, ACJC B
19th Sai Simrita Dahmodaran, NUS HS C
18th Abigail Wong, ACJC B
17th Kwek Jia Qi, HCJC A
16th Poh Zia Xin, NJC C
15th Abel George, SAJC A
14th Charmaine Low, RJC D
13th Benedict Tan, NJC C
12th Seah Ying Ying, HCJC B
11th Wang Zi Yang, RJC D
10th Douglas Quah, TP B
9th Elvis Zhang, HCJC A
8th Annette Yeo, ACJC A
7th Divyesh Daswani, TP B
6th Andrew Seow, RJC A
=4th Gerald Choa, HCJC B
=4th Majok Kumar Thiyagarajan, TJC A
3rd Benson Lim, TJC A
2nd Aloysius Chan, ACJC A
1st Nar Sher May, SAJC A

Note: 8 non-breaking senior speakers also did well. However, they were not formally ranked as they are non-breaking speakers.

=16th Ang Meng Leng, DDI AT
=14th Sarah Tay, DDI AT
=7 Samuel Loh, WSDC C
=4 Ernest Goh, WSDC B
=4 Samuel Augustine Wittberger, WSDC A
=3 Etsuko Lim, WSDC A
=2 Tan Kuan Hian, WSDC B
>1 Lee Chin Wee, WSDC C (actual top of tab)