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Youth Debate Open 2013 Tournament Results

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On the 7th and 8th Of December, teams from 20 secondary schools across Singapore participated in the Youth Debate Open 2013, organised by Debate Association (Singapore) in collaboration with the Jelutung Youth Executive Committee, sponsored by the Singapore National Co-Operative Federation (SNCF) and held UWCSEA (Dover) and Canberra Community Club.

This year saw students debating challenging motions on subjects ranging from the introduction of HDB block co-op vetting processes, to allowing parents an enhanced role in deciding the curriculum and teaching standards for their children.

Multiple independent teams comprised of students from separate schools also took part, a sign of a blossoming and closely knit debating community flourishing in the secondary school circuit.

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Top 10 Gold Division Speakers:

1st: Lee Jing Ning (Team: Un-Cooperative Chinese Comrades, School: Nanyang Girls High School)
2nd: Alicia Lim Le-Si (Team: Un-Cooperative Chinese Comrades, School: Nanyang Girls' High School)
3rd: Nabila Khan d/o Shakir Khan (Team: Swing Team A, School: Cedar Girls' Secondary School)
Tied 4th: Stuart Yong Jun Hao (Team: DDI Cyclone, Woodgrove Secondary School) [Actually in Silver Division, but did well enough to rank in Gold instead]
Tied 4th: David Boo Koh (Team: Un-Cooperative Chinese Comrades, School: Hwa Chong Institution)
6th: Nabilah bte Bahrim (Team: NJC JH, School: National Junior College (Junior High))
7th: Zachary Intrater (Team: UWCSEA Dover 2, School: United World College of Southeast Asia (Dover))
8th: Caleb Cheng (Team: Gong Jiao B, School: Catholic High School)
9th: Valerie Lim Xuan (Team: DDI Flood, School: C.H.I.J. Saint Nicholas Girls' School)
10th: Song Mingwei (Team: Dr T.J. Eckleburg, School: Hwa Chong Institution)

Top 5 Silver Division Speakers:
1st: Lin Mingxuan (Team: Minions, School: Maris Stella High School)
2nd: Benjamin Goh Yan Cong (Team: DDI Cyclone, School: Dunman Secondary School)
3rd: Hanniel Lim Wen Te (Team: DDI Cyclone, School: Loyang Secondary School)
4th: Bryan Lim Ming Zheng (Team: Minions, School: Maris Stella High School)
Tied 5th: Edmond Oh (Team: VSD, School: Victoria School)
Tied 5th: Yash Gadodia (Team: VSD, School: Victoria School)

Top Silver Teams:
Finalists: Minions (Lin Mingxuan, Bryan Lim, Emmanuel Tooh, Mark Tan) (All from Maris Stella High School)
Champions: DDI Cyclone (Celia Leo, Benjamin Goh, Stuart YongHanniel Lim) (From Bedok South Secondary School, Dunman Secondary School, Woodgrove Secondary School, and Loyang Secondary School respectively)

Top Gold Teams:
Semifinalists: Ponzi Scheme (Sowmya Uppili RaghavanIsabella Nubari, Victoria Lynn Chin, Elly Lau) (All from Cedar Girls' Secondary School)
Semifinalists: Swing Team A (Joshua HengNabila KhanSophia Yew, Wee Yeong Xin) (From Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Cedar Girls' Secondary School, Raffles Girls' School, and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) respectively)

Finalists: DDI Flood (Valerie LimOng Yu ZeSeah Pei SongAngus Ku) (From C.H.I.J. Saint Nicholas Girls' School, Saint Joseph's Institution, Victoria School, and Hwa Chong International School respectively)
Champions: Un-Cooperative Chinese Comrades (Gabriel Tan, Alicia Lim,Lee Jing NingDavid Boo Koh) (Gabriel & David are from Hwa Chong Institution, and Alicia & Jing Ning are from Nanyang Girls' High School)