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DA(S)-ITE Debate Championships 2016 Results

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Debate Association (Singapore) and ITE College organised the DA(S)-ITE Debate Championships 2016, held on 9 and 10 April 2016. The tournament was hosted by ITE College Central and supported by REACH.

We were happy to have Arthur Lee and Ernest Goh serve as Co-Chief Adjudicators for this tournament. Both of them were part of the WSDC Singapore Team that won the World Schools’ Debating Championships last year.

In our second year, we saw 32 teams from post-secondary institutions (Junior Colleges, ITE Colleges and Polytechnics) compete in preparation for the MOE-ACJC Intercollegiates and Inter-Polytechnic Debate Championships later in the year.

In the tournament, teams grappled with Singapore-centric issues, such as nationalizing public transport, pegging welfare to the attendance of Skillsfuture classes, and implementing a minimum wage in Singapore.

Raffles Institution emerged champions of the Gold Division, while Pioneer Junior College clinched victory in a close-fought battle for the title of champions of the Silver Division.

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Silver Division

Top 20 Speakers

20. Ashwin Kurup (Catholic Junior College A)

19. Koo Ja Hyun (ACS International)

18. Sean Ng Zhi Hao (Catholic Junior College B)

17. Ashley Teh (Yishun Junior College)

16. Douglas Leong (Jurong Junior College)

15. Daniel Lo (ACS International)

14. Leah Chua (Yishun Junior College)

13. Timothy Sng (Republic Polytechnic)

12. Kerrthegaa d/o Gopalan (Serangoon Junior College)

11. Emerik Viriya (Serangoon Junior College)

10. Ha Duy Thanh (Meridian Junior College A)

9. Elango Praveen (Pioneer Junior College)

8. Vaibhav Nag (Meridian Junior College B)

7. Rebeca Chong (School of the Arts)

6. Joshua Tan Xueyao (Catholic Junior College B)

5. Nicole Tong (School of the Arts)

4. Hilary Thean (National Junior College)

3. Loy Guan Peng (National Junior College)

2. Dhruv Uppal (ACS International)

1. Yash Gadodia (Pioneer Junior College)



School of the Arts

Yishun Junior College


1st Runners-Up

National Junior College



Pioneer Junior College


Best Speaker of the Silver Division Grand Finals

Nabila Bahrim (National Junior College)


Gold Division

Top 20 Speakers

20. Shahira Banu (Serangoon Junior College)

[Shahira is from Serangoon Junior College, a Silver Division institution]

19. Ling Xuan (River Valley High School A)

18. Natalie Yeo (ACS Independent)

17. Nicolle Ng (River Valley High School A)

16. Abigail Fernandez (Anglo-Chinese Junior College A)

15. Goh Hanyang (Hwa Chong Institution)

14. Thirrisha Murugan (NUS High School)

13. Amanda Tan Qian Liang (Dunman High School)

12. Yap Xin Ran (Anglo-Chinese Junior College B)

11. Seah Pei Song (Victoria Junior College)

10. Anu Lal (Singapore American School A)

9. Axl Chua (ACS Independent)

8. Christina Thomas (Anglo-Chinese Junior College A)

7. Samuel Loh (Raffles Institution)

6. Ng Cai Jia Felicia (River Valley High School A)

5. Au Wei Hoe (WSDC Singapore)

4. Nabilah Bahrim (National Junior College)

[Nabilah is from National Junior College, a Silver Division institution, making her the top Silver Division speaker]

3. Dylan Raj Singh (Anglo-Chinese Junior College A)

2. Hari Kope (Raffles Institution)

1. Bryan Yan (WSDC Singapore)



Anglo-Chinese Junior College A

NUS High School


1st Runners-Up

Hwa Chong Institution



Raffles Institution


Best Speaker of the Gold Division Grand Finals

Hari Kope (Raffles Institution)



Contact Info

Debate Association (Singapore)