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Think Speak Win

Think Speak Win is your one stop guide book to getting an overview of debate  by our very own GAURAV KEERTHI, former President of Debate Association (Singapore), and a founding Fellow of Raffles Debate Academy.
He has debated, coached and judged debates for over 16 years, and his former students include numerous internationally ranked debaters. In '06–08, Gaurav worked with Mediacorp to develop and star in the Emmy-nominated student debate TV show, The Arena.
He has also served as a debate consultant for Google, the World Bank, the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, and written speeches for cabinet ministers.
"I am pleased that Gaurav Keerthi has distilled the essentials of debating so well in this concise but comprehensive book. "

DR VIVIAN BALAKRISHNAN, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Singapore

"I recommend this lucidly written book to all those who need to analyse complex issues, make robust arguments, or persuade others to their point of view."
RAVI MENON, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore

"The bite-sized tips are perfect for fledgling debaters."
AARON MANIAM, Chief Adjudicator, World Schools Debating Championships 2008

"Reads like a good debate: well-structured, eloquent and entertaining."
PEGGY PAO PEI YU, Former President, Oxford Union Debate Selection Committee

"Pick up this book, and grow into debating with your school, your friends and family."
JONATHAN PFLUG, Best Speaker, World Schools Debating Championships 2001

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