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DDI 6 Application is Open!

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Debate Association (Singapore) is pleased to announce that applications for the Debate Development Initiative (DDI) is open! Currently in its sixth cycle, the DDI is a rigorous training programme which provides developmental exposure and competition opportunities to its members; introducing them to a wide range of advanced debate topics, techniques and formats. It targets upper secondary school students with at least moderate debating experience, a humble learning attitude, and a passion for oratory.

Past cycles of the DDI have had much success to date, with former members taking part in several different competitions and community involvement projects. More information can be found in the brochure.

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Designed to complement the training programmes of various secondary schools, the DDI will provide students with:

- Exposure to advanced content (e.g. international relations, economics) through masterclasses conducted by established local and international debaters;

- Further development in argumentative and critical thinking skills through adjudicated practice debates during its training sessions;

- An introduction to debate formats used at more senior levels, such as the British and Asian Parliamentary debate formats, to encourage flexibility in argumentation and style;

- A sense of community by bringing together like-minded students from secondary schools across the circuit.

Priority will be accorded to students from schools without extensive financial and/or institutional support. Thus, students from schools in Division II and Division III of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDCs) are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Registration fees

Registration fees are S$125/- per applicant and will be used to cover the DDI's running costs. If the fee is an issue, applicants should inform us privately as financial aid is available. No applicant will be denied a place due to financial grounds. Please see the FAQs for more information about the DDI. 

Application process 

(1) Application submission and interview

Interested students may apply for the DDI by filling up a brief form online at deadline for applications is 2359hrs Saturday, 1 April 2017. All applicants will then go through an interview of about half an hour with the directors of the programme. Due to the volume of applications, some applicants may be notified of their interview date and time earlier than others. 


(2) Outcome of applications 

The outcome of all applications will be released on the evening of Friday, 28 April 2017, coinciding with the date of the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championship DIV II/III Finals. For further queries, please email Director (DDI) Joshua Heng at


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