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Request for Adjudicators: Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships (SSDC 2010)

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Dear Adjudicators,

We are approaching the start of another year full of exciting debate competitions. I know all of you learned a lot from your days as student debaters, and may have moved on now to bigger and more exciting adventures - but we still need you! Without the time and effort of our volunteer adjudicators, we would not be able to run any debate competitions at all. While we hope to continue training new adjudicators, I'm sure you remember how important it was for senior judges (especially those in university or working already) to come back and judge debates (and wow all the young debaters). I am thus asking you to please, please, spend a few minutes to fill up the form below and volunteer to adjudicate at the upcoming competitions.

To make it easier for adjudicators to turn up on time (especially for the 6pm SSDC prelim debates), DA(S) will be providing some limited taxi reimbursement. Details will be provided by email. If there is anything else we can do to make it easier for you to volunteer your time, please let us know.

Every year, after the SSDC prelim rounds end at about 9:30pm, some of the older judges and coaches head out and mingle over some snacks and drinks. This year, we want to encourage more of our adult judges and coaches (over-18) to join us after every prelim round. We will announce the venue for our little social event over email and remind everybody on the day itself. Let's all get to know each other a little better this year. :)

Adjudicator Request Form

[MJC Invitationals do not need any more judges. Thanks to those who volunteered early!]

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

We will also be seeking senior adjudicators for the MOE Invitational Debating Competition (for JC-level students) at a later date, once the competition schedule is finalised.