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NTU's United Asians Debating Championships 2014

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Nanyang Technological University is running the United Asians Debating Championships (UADCs) from 25 May to 2 June 2014. With over 150 teams in attendance each year, the UADCs is the regional championship for debates in the Asians Format. It is attended by top teams from all over Asia including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, East Asia and Singapore.

NTU Debate Society is looking for volunteers to help in the running of the event, and are offering community involvement certification for doing so. Do continue reading for the NTU Debate Society's marketing pitch if you are interested!
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The following message is from Nanyang Technological University's Debate Society:

UADC 2014 is Asia's Biggest Debating Event and they are interested in having you as part of it. NTU is looking for individuals who would be interested in this exciting event to become Event Assistants!

As an Event Assistant, you will get:
- Receive up to 80 hours of CIP
- 2 Free meals per full Event Day, catered by established caterers
- Personalized Certificate of Completion
- Bolster your CV / Resume
- Honorable mention by name on the UADC Website / Event
- Improve on your Debating Skills tremendously by witnessing Asia's Best
- Improve on your Adjudication Skills by witnessing an array of verdicts
- Learn the Organizational Skills for large-scale debating events in the future
- Meet Debating Mentors / Coaches
- Make new friends in the Local circuit
- Make new friends Internationally
- Take international guests around Singapore for tours, if interested
- Enjoy social events(if you are of age)

Come join us for lots of learning and fun by being a part of UADC 2014!

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