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Results for MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championships 2014

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The Ministry of Education-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championships (Singapore's national championship for pre-university institutions) were held at Anglo-Chinese Junior College on 6th - 7th June 2014. The tournament saw Anglo-Chinese Junior College emerge as the champions this year. The rest of the results of the tournament are as follows -

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Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Raffles Institution
Victoria Junior College

NUS High School
River Valley High School
Singapore American School
St Andrew's Junior College

Top-20 individual speakers:
1.  Samuel Wittberger  -  Anglo-Chinese Junior College
2.  Ernest Goh  -  Raffles Institution
3.  Vijay Ramanujan  -  Raffles Institution
4.  Chong Ee Hsiun  -  Raffles Institution
5.  Bharath Srivatsan  -  Singapore American School
6.  Ng Jia Win  -  River Valley High School
7.  Isaac Tan  -  River Valley High School
8.  Aloysius Chan  -  Anglo-Chinese Junior College
9.  Timothy Ong  -  Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
10.  Arthur Lee  -  Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
11.  Lee Jing Ning  -  Hwa Chong Institution
12.  Sarah Tay  -  Victoria Junior College
13.  Nabila Khan  -  Hwa Chong Institution
14.  Yvonne Lopez  -  Pioneer Junior College
15.  Jiang Haolie  -  Catholic Junior College
16.  Rohan Singh  -  Singapore American School
17.  Gavin Ezra Goh  -  Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
18.  Annette Yeo  -  Anglo-Chinese Junior College
19.  Arjun Malik  -  Singapore American School
20.  Prasan Srirekam  -  Pioneer Junior College

Best Speaker in the Grand Final:
Samuel Wittberger  -  Anglo-Chinese Junior College