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Singapore National Co-Operative Federation British Parliamentary Debate Open 2014 Results

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Debate Association (Singapore) organised the Singapore National Co-Operative Federation British Parliamentary Debate Open on 6 and 7 December at Catholic High School
Students debated high-level labour related motions such as THW prefer to direct microcredit financing to cooperatives instead of individuals and TH regrets the rise of protest movements that de-emphasize political leadership in preference for ground-up decision making (e.g. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Hong Kong).
After four grueling preliminary rounds a Champion Team from Hwa Chong Institution emerged victor in an intense Grand Finals where they debated the motion: THBT developing countries should mandate that producers of export-oriented crops (e.g. coffee or quinoa) form cooperatives. 

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Champion Team:
Team name: HCI Cheong Ah
Team Members: Tan Jin Hsi, Gabriel and Cheong Jia Yang, Alex
Institution: Hwa Chong Institution
Grand Finalists (in order of breaks)
2nd breaking team:
Team name: DDI GL
Team Members: Lin Mingxuan (Maris Stella High School) and Goh Han Yang (Catholic High School)
3rd breaking team:
Team name: HCI J
Team Members: Khor Jia Wei and Lee Jit Ping
Institution: Hwa Chong Institution
4th breaking team:
Team name: Rebel Alliance (Yavin 4)
Team Members: Song Mingwei and Timothy Ethan Lee
Institution: Hwa Chong Institution
Top 20 Speakers:
1st: Tan Jin Hsi, Gabriel (HCI Cheong Ah)
2nd: Timothy Ethan Lee (Rebel Alliance (Yavin 4)
Tied 3rd: Lin Mingxuan (DDI GL)
Tied 3rd: Cheong Jia Yang, Alex (HCI Cheong Ah)
5th: Nabilah binte Bahrim (DDI NT)
6th: Chua Fang En (Cutecumbers)
7th: Song Mingwei (Rebel Alliance (Yavin 4))
8th: Lee Xuan Yi (Buff Baby)
9th: Seah Pei Song (DDI SO)
Tied 10th: Thirrisha Murugan (DDI NT)
Tied 10th: Au Wei Hoe (PseudOxford)
12th: Goh Han Yang (DDI GL)
13th: Salil Mitra (Team Salil + Shivani)
14th: Nicole Ann Lim (Buff Baby)
15th: Lee Jit Ping (HCI J)
16th: Shaun Lee Yi Xian (PseudOxford)
17th: Christian Yeo Charles Xuan (Sam Myat San Fan Club)
18th: Amanda Tan (DDI TT)
19th: Lydia Ng (Cutecumbers)
20th: Ryan Chan (RI 1)
We would like to thank Singapore National Co-operative Federation for supporting this event, and Catholic High School for kindly hosting the tournament.


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