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Results for Division III Debating Championships 2015

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

Debate Association (Singapore) organised the Division III Debating Championships 2015 on the 10th of January 2015 at Anglican High School. The tournament is in its second year running, and allows fledgling teams from Division III of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships to gain early exposure and experience on the competitive circuit. 
This year saw an expanded turn out, with double the number of teams competing in the tournament. Students debated on complex issues such as holding video game companies financially responsible for the harms of addiction, regretting the rise of citizen journalism in Singapore and whether government scholarships should only be given to the financially needy. 
After three gruelling rounds of debate, including an impromptu motion, Anglican High School emerged victorious, with Peirce Secondary School and Coral Secondary School coming in 1st and 2nd Runner Ups respectively. 

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Tied-20th 70.5pts Luke Tandjung (Peirce Secondary School)
Tied-20th 70.5pts Erika Santi Medina (Peirce Secondary School)
Tied-20th 70.5pts Ynez Heng (Anglican High School)
Tied-20th 70.5pts Lincoln Lau (Anglican High School)
19th 70.5pts Matthias Teh (School of the Arts, Singapore)
Tied-17th 70.67pts Muhammad Syafiq bin Mohamed Azli (Seng Kang Secondary School)
Tied-17th 70.67pts Glenda Lim (Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School)
16th 70.75pts Mohammad Sharizman (Dunman Secondary School)
15th 71pts Lucas Chia (Loyang Secondary School)
Tied-13th 71pts Elizabeth Michelle Jacobs (School of the Arts, Singapore)
Tied-13th 71pts Terence Heng (Coral Secondary School)
Tied-11th 71pts Nicole Tong (School of the Arts, Singapore)
Tied-11th 71pts Elliot Kok (Anglican High School)
10th 71.17pts Audrey Loo (Woodgrove Secondary School)
9th 71.17pts Ha Duy Thanh (Loyang Secondary School)
8th 71.25ptsYasir Phang (Coral Secondary School)
7th 71.25pts Rebecca Chong (School of the Arts, Singapore)
6th 71.25pts Rachel Han (Anglican High School)
5th 71.5pts Liewchanptana Pitchaya (Anglican High School)
4th 71.67pts Pang Jun Rong (Peirce Secondary School)
3rd 71.67pts Ashley Ho (School of the Arts, Singapore)
2nd 71.75pts Sarah Vasanthan (Dunman Secondary School)
1st 72pts Loy Heng Dax (Anglican High School)
3rd 3 wins, 741.5pts Coral Secondary School
2nd 3 wins, 744.5pts Peirce Secondary School
1st 3 wins, 748.5pts Anglican High School


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