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Glyph Speakers' Workshop

Written by DA(S) Admin on .

On 5 September, DA(S) in partnership with Glyph, ran a workshop for kids and youths to learn speaking and writing skills.
Our trainers worked with students from primary school and secondary school to build their foundational reading skills, gain confidence in presentation and speaking in front of an audience, speech-crafting and structured writing, as well as impromptu speaking skills.
Glyph is a membership programme dedicated to making premier holistic education accessible and affordable, to kids and youths from challenging communities. They plan activities, workshops, and programmes which are non-academic in nature, designed to foster critical thinking capabilities and build creative capacities.
DA(S) was proud to partner them for this workshop and looks forward to more community-building and enriching activities in future.
Our DA(S) trainers at Gylph

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