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DA(S) Projects

Ongoing Competitions & Projects

Primary School

  • Wits & Words (W&W)
    Wits & Words is the annual national primary school debate competition co-organised by Debate Association (Singapore)and the Ministry of Education (Gifted Education Branch). The format used is a simplified version of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship (SSSDC) format. This tournament is only open to Primary 5 and 6 debaters.

  • Primary School Debate Open (PSDO)
    A primary school tournament held in the second half of the year for schools to send their students to train in preparation for Wits & Words in the following year. This tournament is open to Primary 4 and 5 debaters.

Secondary School

  • Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championship (SSSDC)
    Formerly known as the “JGs”, the Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships is an annual national secondary school debate competition, co-organised by Debate Association (Singapore) and Julia Gabriel’s. The format is based on the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) format, but with shorter speaking times.
  • Division III Debate Championship (D3DC)
    This annual competition organised by Debate Association (Singapore) aims to develop the Division III Secondary School circuit by providing Division III debaters more opportunities to hone their debate skills. This invitational also places a greater emphasis on adjudicator feedback in order for new debaters to have an even more fruitful time preparing for the Nationals.
  • Debate Association Debating Championship (DADC)
    This annual competition organised by Debate Association (Singapore) serves as an effective warm-up for schools in preparation for the SSSDC.
  • Youth Debate Open
    Debate Association (Singapore) organises the Youth Debate Open in collaboration with the Canberra Youth Executive Committee as an annual event, normally held in June. A key feature of this event is having 4-person teams instead of the usual 5, and allowing speakers to rank in the tournament by speaking a minimum of 2 rounds. Debaters are also encouraged to team up with debaters from other schools if they wish to. This competition thus provides valuable interaction opportunities on top of developmental opportunities.

Training Programmes

  • Adjudicator Training
    As part of DA(S)' continual endeavour to maintain a sustainable pool of dedicated quality judges so that future generations can continue benefiting from and enjoying debate, we hold an annual judge training workshop in partnership with Julia Gabriel Centre. This is typically held in the November-January period in the lead up to the Singapore Secondary Schools Championship in February - May in the following year.
    Throughout the year, judges also have opportunities to hone their judging skills at DA(S) tournaments as trainee judges, under the guidance and mentorship of Senior Judges in the circuit.
  • June Debate Camp
    Our annual June Camp is targeted at primary school debaters. This year, there will be two camps: The first June camp will introduce primary school debaters to the basics of debate in a fun and engaging way. The second June camp will cater to imparting more advanced debate skills to a smaller group.

  • December Debate Camp
    Our annual December camp is targeted at secondary two and three students who have a basic level of familiarity with debating. Participants can expect hands-on sessions where they will be given tips on public speaking, argumentation and a host of other skills that every debater should have.

Past Competitions & Projects

  • Emmy-nominated TV show, The Arena
  • Debate Excellence Programme
  • MOE Invitational Debating Championship (MIDC)
  • Assisted MOE in coaching Singapore National Debate Team for 2003 (Peru) and 2007 (South Korea)
  • North West CDC Debate Championship
  • Debate exhibition for Google
  • Inter-Polytechnic Debates
  • City Council Simulation Games
  • British Council’s Zero Carbon Debates
  • “Singapore Youth Mediation Week” Debate for the Community Mediation Centre (an agency of the Ministry of Law)
  • Inter-School Budget Debate Challenge for Ministry of Finance
  • Radio 93.8 Live Debate
  • NUS Challenge Shield
  • Edgefield Secondary Introduction to Debate Workshop
  • ValidITE Business Debates
  • Singapore Red Cross- University Michigan Alumni (Singapore) International Humanitarian Law Debate Series 2011
  • Talent Development Index (TDI)
  • Debate Luminary Series
  • From Square One to Division Three 
    This “jumpstart” programme provides selected secondary schools which do not have a debate programme a small, one-time financial grant to subsidise the cost of engaging a debate coach. This programme is part of our mission to help spread debate in Singapore.
  • ”I Can Read” Debate Championship 
    DA(S) works with Total Literacy International in running the annual “I Can Read” National Debate Championship. The competition is a primary school debate series which uses the Wits & Words debate format.
  • Bridging Asia – The Singapore Debates 
    Debate Association (Singapore) collaborated with MediaCorp Pte Ltd on “Bridging Asia Season II – The Singapore Debates” on Channel NewsAsia. A “live” television series which invites intellectuals, academics and other such personalities to debate pertinent global issues, the series was hosted by Gaurav Keerthi, a former President of the Debate Association (Singapore).
  • Singapore Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Debate Series 
    In collaboration with the Singapore Red Cross, Debate Association (Singapore) organises this Junior College and secondary school level tournament every year to raise awareness of international humanitarian law issues.
  • Singapore Speaks Debate Series for Junior College/Polytechnics/ITEs/CIs
  • Speak! Ventures Debate Championship


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