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Xinmin Pri Seeks a Coach

Xinmin Primary School is seeking an experienced and committed debate coach to coach the school debate team towards the 2019 Wits and Words Competition and beyond.  
1. Length of tenure of coach: 10 weeks between January to mid-March 2019 (subject to extension in July 2019)
2. Number of sessions weekly: 1 to 3 sessions of either 1.5 to 2 hours per session
3. Level of members: a mix of debate-trained Primary 6 (2019) pupils with 2018 PSDO experience and freshmen
4. No. of members: between 10-15 members towards the Wits and Words Competition and beyond. 
5. Expected deliverables: train students in the basics of debate as well as preparation of scripts.
Interested parties should firstly e-mail their curriculum vitae to Miss Serene Peh at

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