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TJC U16 Debate Invitational 2013: Preliminary Round Results

The preliminary rounds of the TJC U16 Debate Invitational were held on 12 January 2013. Congratulations to the following breaking teams:

Raffles Institution
Hwa Chong Institution
Nanyang Girls' High School
Catholic High School

The breaking teams will meet again for the break rounds on 18 January 2013.

For details on motions, match ups and specific results from each round,
please download the following document: TJC U16s Results.


Wits & Words 2013: Call for Adjudicators

The annual Wits & Words debate competition will be taking place again soon! Wits and Words is a national primary school debate competition, jointly organized by Gifted Education Branch (Ministry of Education), Debate Association (Singapore) and Raffles Girls' School. The format used is a simplified version of the SSDC's format.

Here are the tentative dates for the competition:
Rounds 1 & 2: 22 March 2013
Round 3: 6 April 2013
QF: 19 April 2012 (Fri)
SF: 3 May 2013 (Fri)
Finals & 3rd/4th Placing: 1 June 2012 (Sat) OR 3 Jun 2013 (Mon)

The earlier rounds will be held at Raffles Girls' School while the venue for the subsequent rounds will be confirmed at a later date.

CIP hours will be given out to student adjudicators and remuneration, in the form of vouchers, will be offerred for later rounds.

If you would be keen to adjudicate on any of these days, contact us at , or do drop by as a spectator!


December Camp 2012 Update

The December Camp is an annual camp organised by DA(S) for aspiring debaters who have some experience in debating and are looking to pick up new skills to further prepare themselves for competitive debating.

This year's camp was held from 7- 8 December 2012 and it was generously hosted by United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA). A total of 9 schools and 29 students participated in this year's camp, which offerred a variety of interactive and engaging activities that allowed the debaters to hone their craft.

The participants had a great opportunity to mingle with one another and to network with like minded individuals, allowing them to work together and share their experiences. The feedback for the camp was positive, with some participants suggesting a residential camp for next year's camp!

Overall, the participants had a fruitful time of fellowship and learning. DA(S) would like to thank UWCSEA for being a gracious host and the participants for making the camp a success!



Debate Development Initiative (DDI) Updates

Over the past few months, participants of DA(S)' DDI have taken part in five competitions and three community projects. Download the update below to read more about what they've been up to and to view pictures from the many exciting projects they've been involved in.

DDI - Update

Debate Development Initiative (DDI), is a 20-week training programme open to upper secondary school students (as of 2012) with at least moderate debating experience and a passion for debate. Priority has been accorded to students from schools which do not have extensive debate resources / strong alumni support. Students from Division II and Division III secondary schools were strongly encouraged to apply.


Division III Debate Invitationals 2012 Results

On 17th of November, Bedok South Secondary School and Zhonghua Secondary School in partnership with Debate Association (Singapore) held Day 2 of the inaugural Division III Debate Invitationals 2012.

Teams debated in Round 4 of the tournament, and qualifying teams then went on to the Semi Finals, and finally the Grand Finals.

These are the results for the day:

Round 4: This House believes that intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries is justified.
Prop Riverside Secondary School bt Opp Dunman Secondary School. Best Speaker: Prop 3 Aisha Omar.
Prop Bedok South Secondary School bt Opp Zhonghua Secondary School A. Best Speaker: Prop 3 Celia Leo.
Prop Hwa Chong International School bt Opp Kent Ridge Secondary School. Best Speaker: Prop 3 Angus Ku
Prop Woodlands Secondary School bt Opp Zhonghua Secondary School B. Best Speaker: Prop 3 Yau Kai Xin
Prop Anglican High School bt Opp Jurong Secondary School. Best Speaker: Prop 2 Loy Heng Dax

Semi Finals: This House believes that evidence attained from social media should not be used against employees.
Prop Zhonghua Secondary School A bt Opp Hwa Chong International School. Best Speaker: Opp 2 Ryan Teh
Opp Bedok South Secondary School bt Prop Anglican High School. Best Speaker: Opp 3: Celia Leo

Grand Finals: This House believes that we should not impose green taxes on developing countries.
Opp Zhonghua Secondary School A bt Prop Bedok South Secondary School. Best Speaker: Opp 3 Seow Wei Liang

Top 10 Speakers of the Tournament:
1) Celia Leo (Bedok South Secondary School)
=2) Angus Ku (Hwa Chong International School)
=2) Benjamin Goh (Dunman Secondary School)
4) Rachel Han (Anglican High School)
5) Joey Ng (Bedok South Secondary School)
6) Lim Jenny (Zhonghua Secondary School A)
7) Liewchanpatana Pitchaya (Anglican High School)
8) Seow Wei Liang (Zhonghua Secondary School)
9) Tan Jzi Sinn (Bedok South Secondary School)
10) Samantha Ng (Kent Ridge Secondary School)

Debate Association (Singapore) would like to thank all who played a part in helping the event run smoothly and we hope to see you at our next event!



The Division III Debate Invitationals 2012 is a joint collaboration between Bedok South Secondary School and Zhonghua Secondary School, in partnership with Debate Association (Singapore). It aims for Division III Secondary School debaters to have more opportunities to hone their debate skills with other equally matched debaters, in a learning and growing environment.


DA(S) Debate Workshops for CHIJ Kellock Primary

Debate Association (Singapore) conducted two workshops for students in CHIJ Kellock Primary in November 2012. One workshop focused on introducing students who were new to debating to the fundamental skills of debate, while the other workshop took more experienced debaters to learning more advanced skills.

Debate is the art of argument which trains individuals to become more expressive and articulate, while developing a keen sense of logic. It is thus one of the most useful skills a student can and should develop. As such, the workshops aimed to expose students to, and foster their interest in debate and communication.

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