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Speak! Ventures Debate Championships 2014 Results

Over the weekend of 25-26 January 2014, 32 teams from across all three Divisions of the Secondary School debate circuit participated in the inaugural Speak! Ventures Debate Championships (SVDC) 2014.

Jointly organised by Speak! Ventures and Debate Association (Singapore), the SVDC was a great opportunity for school teams to hone their abilities in the run-up to the national championships. In particular, teams benefited from a strong line-up of adjudicators, led by Mr. Mark Gabriel - Chief Adjudicator of the National Championships, Team Singapore co-coaches Mr. Darion Hotan and Mr. Tan Teck Wei, as well as Mr. Eric Jude Tan and Ms. Cherylyn Wee of Debate Association (Singapore).

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Transport, Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim also graced the Gold Finals.

After 5 hotly contested rounds, Xinmin Secondary School A and Hwa Chong Institution A emerged Champion Teams of the Silver and Gold Divisions respectively. The Top Speakers of the Silver and Gold Divisions were Lin Mingxuan (Maris Stella High School) and Cheang Ko Lyn (Singapore Chinese Girls’ School) respectively.

Last but not least, SVDC would not have been possible without the kind support of Pioneer Junior College’s Debate Society, as well as all volunteer judges.

Note: Speak! Ventures is a professional development consultancy firm specializing in public speaking and communications training for individuals of all ages.

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SJI International's Beurel Debate Open 2014

On 17-19 January, St. Joseph's Institution International held the Jean-Marie Beurel Debate Open.
The Asians tournament attracted 48 teams at the secondary schools level, including schools from the region. WSDC Singapore and Catholic High School emerged Champions of the Open and Junior Break respectively, while Dunman High School's Chey Yew Hwei and Hwa Chong Institution (High School)'s Gabriel Tan emerged respective Top Speakers of the Open and Junior tab.
[Note: Debate Association (Singapore) was not affiliated with this tournament]

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NTU's United Asians Debating Championships 2014

Nanyang Technological University is running the United Asians Debating Championships (UADCs) from 25 May to 2 June 2014. With over 150 teams in attendance each year, the UADCs is the regional championship for debates in the Asians Format. It is attended by top teams from all over Asia including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, East Asia and Singapore.

NTU Debate Society is looking for volunteers to help in the running of the event, and are offering community involvement certification for doing so. Do continue reading for the NTU Debate Society's marketing pitch if you are interested!
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Division III Debating Championships 2014 Results

On the 11th of January Of December, 10 teams from Division III secondary schools across Singapore gathered at Anglican High School to compete in the Division III Debate Championships (D3DC).

Organised by Debate Association (Singapore), the D3DC presents a unique opportunity for less-exposed and less-experienced school debate teams to hone their skills in a learning-oriented environment. Students discussed topics such as the effect of personal electronic devices on today's youth, the mandatory death penalty and civil disobedience.

Additionally and in a first for 2014, eighteen shadow adjudicators in training for the Singapore Nationals also gained on-the-job experience under specially-designated senior Judge Mentors. This is part of a new DA(S) initiative to increase the depth of Singapore's volunteer adjudication pool, and improve the competencies of new judges.
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December Camp 2013

Debate Association (Singapore) conducted its annual December Camp from 13 - 14 December 2013 at Yale-NUS. 

Close to 60 students from 24 different schools enjoyed seminars on argumentation and rebuttals, which included a guest lecture by Mr. Samuel Myat San, renowned figure in the local debating circuit who has coached champion teams from ACJC and Raffles Institution. They also had fun hands-on sessions where they practiced these skills with like-minded peers.
We would like to thank to Yale-NUS for generously hosting the camp and to all facilitators and individuals who helped make the camp a success!

Youth Debate Open 2013 Tournament Results

On the 7th and 8th Of December, teams from 20 secondary schools across Singapore participated in the Youth Debate Open 2013, organised by Debate Association (Singapore) in collaboration with the Jelutung Youth Executive Committee, sponsored by the Singapore National Co-Operative Federation (SNCF) and held UWCSEA (Dover) and Canberra Community Club.

This year saw students debating challenging motions on subjects ranging from the introduction of HDB block co-op vetting processes, to allowing parents an enhanced role in deciding the curriculum and teaching standards for their children.

Multiple independent teams comprised of students from separate schools also took part, a sign of a blossoming and closely knit debating community flourishing in the secondary school circuit.

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